Saturday, December 03, 2011

Death to the Corporate Pawn!

Well, if you've followed my blog (I know who you are, all two of you!), you may have noted that I may have had a touch of cynicism when I created the blog, and in a few of my early posts.  Yeah, I know, the name of the blog alone was a slight clue to where my general frame of mind was when I created it.  Read the first post and you'll see what I mean.

Jaded with a capital J, just like the first word of this sentence.

So, I've decided to reflect how I really feel about this life by unveiling my new blog title (trumpets sounding) - Diary of a Chronic Optimist.

Now, now.  Those of you that know me, keep your snickers to yourself (unless they are they kind I can eat...ok wait, you other people keep it to yourself too, I earned these pounds), but I really do feel like I have a very fortunate life, and hope to spend many more years on this earth enjoying every day.

Here's to another great day on Earth, and in the beautiful state of Colorado!

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