Monday, February 16, 2009

Corporate Pawn Sticks it to The Man

This might be obvious to anyone who happens to trip across my blog, but I obviously created the blog name on a day when I was feeling an extra dose of loathing for my place in the corporate world.

Despite the fact that it will make the name of my blog completely irrelevant, my brother and I have been working on launching a company of our own. One that involves doing something we actually enjoy.

Give our website a visit at:

If you're not from Europe, and don't have 6 weeks of vacation to burn every year, our product may not be for you. On the other hand, if you are...

My brother Mark is currently in Europe working on building our network of travel agents and travel operators (travel wholesalers). For the time being, I'm working on this between 11pm and 4 am (no joke), while still getting my bills paid by my day job. Hopefully, someday soon, I can bring home the bacon (and fry it up in a pan) with the new gig.

....children of the 70's, enjoy the Engelie reference. Wait, does that make me a working woman?

Die corporate pawn! Die!