Monday, November 17, 2008

Yes, I'm a total dork

As they say, all men are children.

In an effort to hold up my end of that generalization, I'll readily admit that I love video games. A lot. When we visit the local Blockbuster to rent a game, we usually rent one for the kids, and one for Dad (or sometimes we share).

I also love Star Wars. Not enough to own an authentic Storm Trooper outfit (now that's dorky), but I still do remember the day that I saw the first Star Wars (now known as Episode does that work). I was eight years old, and the day I saw Star Wars also happened to coincide with the day I had my first Happy Meal. No wonder it's my one of my favorite days ever!. I waited in line for four hours at the Cooper Theatre in Denver, and because the first showing was sold out, my friend's dad took us across the street to McDonalds...and the rest, as they say, is history.

Anyway, I digress.

So, I'd guess that last year I spent 100 hours (minimum) on XBox Live killing virtual soldiers (some of whom were my friends and brothers) in Call of Duty 4. And yes, I do wear the headset. Speaking of men and our faults, I'll also admit that I spent more time talking to my brother (who live across the country) on my XBox headset than I did on the phone (now that's bonding!).

On Saturday, during our weekly trip to Blockbuster with my boys, we rented The Force Unleashed - a relatively new game in which you play the role of a Sith Warrior, employed by Darth Vader to hunt Jedi (ok after reading that sentence, I really must be a dork).

So - to getting back to my point (yes the game is pretty cool) but while playing, I actually found myself saying, out loud, "Having the force is pretty sweet". Wow

Join the forces of evil (or dorkiness) and get the game. Admit it, you want to. Here's the link to the website:


traci nell said...

as I'm watching my 4 year old practice his Jedi moves (ironically enough, with storm trooper voice enhanced helmet on) I'm pretty sure my three boys, including husband, would get a long nicely with you and yours.
thanks for the WSJ heads up!

The Fairchild Family said...

Scott!! You are a once a year blogger aren't you! I didn't know you were such a star wars fanatic - Mike always harrasses me about my Star Wars fetish. Hope you guys had a great Christmas. We really missed everybody and wish we could have been in Utah.